After conducting a year-long research on students, tutors, and tutoring systems, Tilak was on a mission to design a compulsive study environment where study activities could be conducted in an organized manner. As a result, Tilak Tutorials was founded in 2019 with a vision to simplify learning and help students overcome learning barriers, ensuring that no student lags in their academics.

Why choose Tilak Tutorials ?

We have only 4 students per class room

Each class room can accommodate only 4 students.

We have separate classroom for each standard

Separate class rooms for 8th, 9th & 10th students

Separate tutor for each subject

We have a separate tutor for each subject, and every tutor is well qualified and has great knowledge in the subject they teach.

We cover 4 subjects daily, with each class lasting for 50 minutes

Each class is 50 minutes long, during which students study, say out orally, and take written tests.

Friendly Tutoring

We offer friendly tutoring services to ensure a comfortable and supportive learning experience for our students

Our services

We offer an exam-focused study plan and preparation.

We provide a specialized study plan and preparation that is specifically designed to help students perform well in their exams​

NCERT notes, Practice tests, Worksheets, Mock exams

We have an extensive range of study and practice materials to enhance student performance

We use CCTV monitoring to ensure that students are studying

Unlike other tutorial centers where students may simply pass time and leave without studying. We use CCTV monitoring to ensure that students are studying during class and not wasting time.​

Polynomials 100%
Statistics 77%

Progress & Performance assessment of students by Administrator

In addition, our strict oversight by the administration ensures that no student goes unnoticed or unaccounted for

Weekly reports of student progress & performance

We provide weekly reports to parents on their child's academic progress, highlighting areas for improvement. Our updates ensure that parents are well-informed and engaged in their child's education

Parent - Tutor meeting once in 2 weeks

We hold parent-tutor meetings every two weeks to discuss student progress, address concerns, and collaborate on academic strategies. Our regular meetings ensure that parents are involved and informed in their child's education